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I’ve created my first public WordPress theme! You can find it in the WordPress free themes directory. It’s a simple, elegant text-based theme that taught me a lot about how theme development for the WordPress community works. All my theme design until this point has been custom and mostly for personal use, so I don’t necessarily have to follow all the “rules.” But now that I have a handle on the basics, I’m excited to play around with something more complex.

Take a look, and let me know if you decide to use it for your own blog! I’d love to see what you do with it. 🙂

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  1. I really like this theme, but like Rinze I can’t get widgets to work. I tried deactivating and reactivating the theme as you suggested, but that didn’t help. Also how do I get the page links to appear in the top left as on your own site?

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately I don’t have a solution to the first problem, but I’m going to look into it!

      To get the tabbed navigation at the top, create a custom menu under Appearance -> Menu and assign it to the Tabbed Navigation Menu area. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi, I like this style too. But want to add a small graphic either at the left side of the title or maybe below the title. I there a possibility to do so?
    Thanks in advance and Greetings from Germany

    1. It’s definitely possible! Although you’d need to muck around in the theme files/CSS a bit, because it’s not inherently built into the theme. I’d set a non-repeating background image on the .title class in style.css, or modify header.php to include the image to the left of the title. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I assumed already it might be a good idea to modify the header.php. Unfortunately I’m not so familiar with that. What would be the best place to put it left in front of the name? Where do (or should) I place the picture?
    Of course, I could continue with trial and error, but would be nice, if you just could give me a hint or tipp…


  4. Look for the following:

    This generates the title, so you can try to put your image somewhere in that area, move it around and see what happens! Most of my design/code work is trial and error, anyway.

  5. GREAT THEME! one question where do I go to remove the “you may use these HTML tags and attributes:” over the comments? Thanks

  6. Thank you, Renee! There’s some debate about how to address that issue across WordPress as a whole, but I think the simplest solution is to add the following at the end of style.css:

    .form-allowed-tags {
    display: none;

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