Little Love Bugs

Little Love Bugs - Theme Customization

Little Love Bugs - Theme Customization

Customization of my Scrappy theme for Little Love Bugs, a New Zealand kids clothing distributor. This involved making some small modifications to the existing theme design, helping set up a shopping cart plugin and integrating it with the website such that it inherited the look and feel of the theme.


  1. Hi Caroline. I am new at this whole website-making thing and am using WordPress and absolutely LOVE your theme, Scrappy. I have been struggling to turn it into a store though. It seems like the WP e-commerce just doesn’t want to work with it and I do not know code to be able to tweak it. Do you have the template for the Scrappy store ( available to install on WordPress? Sorry if I sound ignorant about this, but I am! 🙂

    1. Hi Kara,

      So glad you’re enjoying Scrappy! Unfortunately this isn’t something I can share since it was developed custom for LLB and belongs to her. Sorry I can’t be of more help.



    Let me just say – you are a rock star. I love your clean, crafty work, and you are truly an inspiration toward hopeful graphic/web designers such as myself!

    You have encouraged me to pick up html and attempt to understand this foreign language of the web. I aspire to work full time for web development one fine day in the future, but until then, please feel free to shout more tips on website/theme development along the way.

    Keep up all the super cool work!

    kisses and bear hugs from New Zealand
    Jen Roby (American expat and art enthusiast)

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