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WordPress Theme - Babylog in Purple

Babylog was created during my 9th month of pregnancy with our new daughter, Gwen. Suffice it to say I’ve had babies on the brain!

Here’s a sweet, illustrated theme based on one of my Calobee Doodles characters. Choose from four predefined color palettes (blue, purple, pink and green), then customize the skin tone and hair color of the baby in the header to match your cutie.

WordPress Theme - Babylog in Green
WordPress Theme - Babylog in Blue
WordPress Theme - Babylog in Pink

Babylog supports an optional custom menu and a right-hand widget-ized sidebar area. You can also change the background colors and image to suit your tastes.

Babylog Theme Options

Babylog also takes advantage of Google Web Fonts, and is using the font Vidaloka by Cyreal. Many thanks for the open source font love!

As always, for comments, questions or general feedback, please post in the forums.

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