WordPress Theme - Spun

WordPress Theme - Spun

Spun is a clean, lightweight, responsive theme that steps out of the way to put the focus on your content.

The theme’s navigation is hidden — hover anywhere to the far left or right of your screen to see links to previous and next pages or posts.

Likewise, most elements in the theme – the header, entry information, and footer – are grayed out until you hover over them.

Spun looks best if you set a featured image to represent each of your posts on the blog index and archives. If no featured image is assigned, the theme will attempt to pull the first attached image from the post. If the post does not have an image attached, the post title will be displayed.

There are three optional sidebar columns located in the theme’s footer, which can be activated by adding some widgets in Appearance -> Widgets. When this happens, a light gray circle will appear underneath your content — click it to toggle the sidebar on and off.

Spun also supports the Image, Quote, Status, Gallery, and Aside post formats, which, if selected, will change the post’s layout accordingly.