Fiore is a cute, flowery tumble-log theme in vintage colors. It supports all post formats, a responsive layout for small screens, custom backgrounds, drop-down menus, and a slide-out sidebar for widgets.

To activate the sidebar, simply add some widgets to the Slide-Out Sidebar area under Appearance -> Widgets. The sidebar’s position is fixed, so it’s best to use this area for a small amount of content.


  1. This theme is so beautiful. It suits my needs perfectly. I especially like how the dates have different colors on them to easily tell them apart!

  2. Is there a way to make the sidebar move to the right instead of the left? I’m not very experienced with this stuff, so help would be greatly appreciated! All of your themes are beautiful, by the way. So clean and simple!

    1. Thanks! You could do so with a child theme, some custom CSS, and jQuery, but it’s an advanced customization if you’re not familiar with the code. Please post questions to the support forum at — it’s possible a volunteer will offer their services to help you change the theme.

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